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However, some WEP was ratified as a Wi-Fi security standard in The first versions of WEP were not particularly strong, even for the time they were released, because U.

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When the restrictions were lifted, it was increased to bit. Despite the introduction of bit WEP, bit remains one of the most common implementations. At the time that the original WEP standard was drafted, the U. Government's export restrictions on cryptographic technology limited the key size. Once the restrictions were lifted, manufacturers of access points implemented an extended bit WEP protocol using a bit key size WEP A bit WEP key is usually entered as a string of 26 hexadecimal characters. A bit and a bit WEP systems are available from some vendors. As with the other WEP variants, 24 bits of that is for the IV, leaving or bits for actual protection.

Any client can authenticate with the Access Point and then attempt to associate. In effect, no authentication occurs. Subsequently, WEP keys can be used for encrypting data frames. At this point, the client must have the correct keys. In Shared Key authentication, the WEP key is used for authentication in a four-step challenge-response handshake:. After the authentication and association, the pre-shared WEP key is also used for encrypting the data frames using RC4.

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At first glance, it might seem as though Shared Key authentication is more secure than Open System authentication, since the latter offers no real authentication. However, it is quite the reverse.

It is possible to derive the keystream used for the handshake by capturing the challenge frames in Shared Key authentication. Because RC4 is a stream cipher , the same traffic key must never be used twice. The purpose of an IV, which is transmitted as plain text, is to prevent any repetition, but a bit IV is not long enough to ensure this on a busy network.

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Depending on the amount of network traffic, and thus the number of packets available for inspection, a successful key recovery could take as little as one minute. If an insufficient number of packets are being sent, there are ways for an attacker to send packets on the network and thereby stimulate reply packets which can then be inspected to find the key.

The attack was soon implemented, and automated tools have since been released. Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens.

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Post your question to Twitter anytime. Exchange ideas and suggestions with other Linksys users and enthusiasts. Support Setting up wireless security on a Linksys router with Classic web-based setup page. Setting up wireless security on a Linksys router with Classic web-based setup page. Share the Article:. This means that it changes depending on the time renewal you will specify. It provides comparable confidentiality to a traditional wired network. To know how to permit wireless computers to connect to your wireless network, click here.

To know how to prevent wireless computers to connect to your wireless network, click here. You will need to reconnect the devices with the new wireless settings.

To learn how to connect wireless devices and gaming consoles to the network using Linksys Connect, click here. If your computer, laptop and other wireless devices used to connect using the old wireless settings, ensure that you reconnect the devices to the network. To learn how to connect wireless computers to your network, click here.

Disabling the SSID Broadcast may help protect your wireless network in some way, but for a stronger security on your network, it is recommended to use a higher security mode such as WPA2 and utilizing a unique password or passphrase. Was this support article useful?

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